What if I am using frame pages?

Frame pages cause problems with search engine robots and spiders that index your site. Although Bruce Clay does not recommend the use of leader pages, If you are using frame pages they can be vary helpful in search engine ranking and attracting visitors to your site. Some sites offer a framed version and a no-frame version of the same site. There are 2 reasons for doing this. First, some browsers are not frame compatible and second, the none-frame version will be better indexed by the search engines. If you are not concerned that some browsers cannot view frame pages, then the alternative is to use leader page or doorway page.

These are a set of web pages that are not in frames and are loaded with keywords related to your target audience.For example, if your web site is geared toward selling widgets, then you create a subweb in a folder in your root directory. The subweb is like a miniature version of the main site. Think of it as advertising pages that lead customers to you through increased ranking in the search engines. Create a few pages using Bruce Clays advice for search engine ranking, then link them to your main site.